MathAhead Rules and Procedures

What to bring

1.     A three-ring binder to save their work.

2.     All the material provided by MathAhead should be saved in the binder.



1. No Registration Fee for any students.

2. Tuition should be received within the 1st week of the program.

4. A $15 late fee will be charged if the tuition payment is received after the first week of the program.

5. We accept cash or personal checks only.


Attendance and General Policy

1.     Students are expected to keep their agreed schedule.

2.     Students must show up to their lessons ON TIME.   

3.     MathAhead is a tutoring place, not a Daycare. We don't provide any Daycare/Aftercare services.

4.    Parents need to make sure students will be dropped and picked up on time.

5.     Each student can cancel up to 3 lessons if 24-hour advanced notice is given for Medical purposes. 
        These 4 lessons can be rescheduled.
6.    MathAhead does not provide refunds after the program commencement.
7.    If you want to discontinue, we need one month's notice.

6.    Any photo, audio, or video recorded on-site by MathAhead can be used for promotional purposes.


Food and Drinks  

1.     No gum in the class.

2.     Students can bring snacks and consume them only during designated snack time. Food cannot be consumed during class time.

3.     All students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle.

4.     MathAhead does not provide any regular snacks.

5.     MathAhead might provide snacks occasionally to reward students. Parents must notify if the student has any food allergies.